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I am a London based artist and researcher whose practice is concerned by technology’s relationship and influence on the human, in particular machine learning and artificial intelligence. Within my practice I utilise various technologies as mediums to produce work, such as 3D scanning/printing, algorithms, code and arguably one of humanity’s greatest technologies: the humble pen and paper. Recent developments in job automation through artificial intelligence and robotics with the threat to ‘steal’ the work of thousands, informs a large part of my research, with my studio practice currently exploring the notion of ‘creativity’. My work observes creativity through various technologies and technological tools to produce art, aiming to question our position on what creativity is and consider the role of the artist.


Artist CV
Currently, works and lives in London, England 


Chelsea College of Arts, BA Fine Art, 2015 - 2018

Willem De Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, 2016 - 2017

Reading College, Art Foundation Diploma, 2014 - 2015

Selected Group Exhibitions

"Degree Show" - Chelsea College of Art, London, UK, June 2018​​

"Interim Exhibition" - Cookhouse Gallery, London, UK, February 2018

"Translations" - Triangle Space, London UK, November 2017

"CANAL" - Dissenters Gallery, London, UK, March 2017

"P&P" - Lokaal, Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 2016

"Semi-Detached" - Safehouses 1 & 2, London, UK, May 2016​​

Workshops​​ and Event

Upcoming Exhibitions/Projects​​ - "Beta Society" (with the Digital Maker Collective), Tate Modern, London, UK, 5 - 10 March 2019

"Arts Work of the Future" (with the Digital Maker Collective), Tate Modern, London, Uk, March 2018

"Technological Immersion - Tate Lates" (with the Digital Maker Collective), Tate Modern, London, Uk, January 2018


(Shortlisted) ROC Da Vinci College Sculpture Commission - Dordrecht, Netherlands, January 2017

(Selected) Frontier Commission Prize - London, UK, June 2016


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