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Raised in the northern conurbations of Birmingham and now residing in the northern suburbs of London. I am studying for a BA in fine art at Chelsea College of Arts (UAL). My work takes a range of forms, from video to magazine fold-out posters. The medium revolves around concept.

The organic and inorganic; this is the root note of my practice. Humans relation to technology is one which has to be constantly assessed and analysed due to its ever-changing boundaries. Examining the overlap between neurology/psychology and technology/cyberspace is an imperative of modernity. How is it we adapt to these new cognitive spaces that computers produce, and what effects do they behold? Experience no longer takes place in the swamps that we evolved out of - it takes place through the inventions produced by our ancestors. As the species capacity to intellectualise grows generation after generation, our lives become more defined by our own mental networks and structures. These internal narratives play a chief role within my process. Stories are less defined by events but rather a series of associations, much akin to that of a human algorithm. My work becomes a transhumanist statement. One which blurs the lines between technological and biological computation.


Artist CV
Currently, works and lives in London, England 


2017 - 2020 BFA, Chelsea University of the Arts London, England

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019, 'Artificial Identity', Fitzrovia Gallery, London


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