Instagram: @liambaker98

What are the ingredients to creating a successful piece of art?

One word: Drugs! 

Just kidding.

But they sure do help. 

But anyway, what were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, art stuff. 

Most of what I make is inspired by collaging, contemporary street and music culture, historical stories and images, cartoons, and my friends. 

My process usually involves messing around with a bunch of stuff on my phone until something actually looks interesting or I get an idea that I can follow up on. But to be honest, I don’t usually follow any type of plan and just go with my gut.

To quote the greatest sage of our time, Patrick Star: “The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.”

Where are you based? Montreal, Quebec and New York City

Where do/did you study? McGill University

What is your practice/media? Digital media/multimedia

Motivation behind your work? - any specific themes? Cartoons, history, friends, street culture, music 

Artist CV
Currently, works and lives in New York, America

2017 - 2020, McGill University


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