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Autobiography is the approach that I take as an artist, pulling from my life experiences to create pieces that are extremely specific to my life but can also be related to by the viewer. The overall themes I explore are love, intimacy, and memory processing; these terms are incredibly broad and the intricacies of these experiences are often lost due to how immense of topics they are. It becomes overwhelming to think about how love/intimacy, or lack of it, affects virtually every aspect of life and becomes reflected in our surroundings. With my work I want to get into every corner of what these terms could mean and how complex forms of these abstract ideas are embodied within me and out of me. The body itself as a subject matter is essential for my process, whether it be considering the viewers position to the work or how the piece itself becomes a body once it’s completed. My work becomes political when taken into consideration how bodies are inherently politically loaded symbols, seeing as how one’s identity or physical presentation cannot escape being labeled and then treated according to whichever label is placed. Being fluid with the mediums I work in and constantly integrating different materials and technologies reflects how I view these love experiences as complex, layered, and sometimes contradicting itself.

Artist CV
Currently, works and lives in New York, America



Parsons School of Design, Fine art BFA


2019, “I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world” Fitzrovia Gallery, London

2018, “Being: New Photography” (in collaboration with Adelita Husni- Bey) Museum of Modern  Art

2016, “Queer Sentiments” Dedalus Foundation


2016, “MoMA Teens x Dadaglobe Reconstructed”​


2016, “CITIZENFOUR: Laura Poitras Q&A”


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