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To inform my work I take into account a multitude of self-made & found sources. These sources show themselves most clearly through the process my paintings undergo in order to achieve their finished states. Most evidently is my admiration of paper and oil pastels; each presenting their own unique immediacy as a medium. It is through ripping and re-assemblage of paper which drives my initial photographs of daily life into overlaying planes of colour. Creating new formal layers which ‘bleed’ into the original source.


Thematically my paintings form a stylised observation of contemporary life, beginning not as a rejection of city life but a interpretation of city ‘rest’, whether this be in a park, biergarten or lake drives its own language in my art. Acting as modes of perspective, figuration and colour, to create forced harmonies in the subject matter and process of painting.


Works often have their beginnings within an oil pastel drawing of a scene, exaggerated by pure gestures of colour, hastily applied at their conception. However it is the latter experimentation which proves to reimagine and re contextualise the initial moment into an unknown epoch of history. 

I do not want the viewer to be given a simple snapshot of current idiocrasies from the cities I live in, instead I wish for my paintings to present devices of ambiguous, abstractions for others to unpack from the work.


Working with these self made resources forms its own language within my paintings, causing a ‘Drop & Drag’ effect to occur with one another. These ‘super imposed’ figures take up their own illusionary perspectives, playing with each others surface colour.

Artist CV
Currently, works and lives in London, England 


Art Scholarship - Reed’s School: 2010-2013

Hampstead Fine Arts - 2013-2015

Diploma in Art and Design - City and Guilds London College of Art - 2015-2016

BA Degree, Fine ArtCentral - Saint Martins - 2016-2019

Aubergine Art Gallery and Framers (Work) — Wimbledon 2017 — Present

Universität Der Künst Berlin - 2018 



Friends and family Exhibition — London — 2012

Rove Gallery, Lincoln House
33-34 Hoxton Square, N1 6NN


Foundation Exhibition — London —2016

124 Kennington Park Road, SE11 4DJ 

Prize for Exceptional Work at Foundation Show


Reject/Resist Exhibition — London — 2017

114 Amersham Vale, SE14 6LG


Grace Aid Charity — London—2017


Venco Gallery, Edition iii Exhibition — Berlin — 2018 Greifswalder Str. 35, 10405 Berlin

Tenants Exhibition — London — 2018

1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA

Talking Points Exhibition — Lethaby Gallery — London — 2019

Lethaby Gallery, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA


AucArt Lab — Residency — London — 2019

Chorus — London — 2019

1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA

GIFC — Berlin — 2019 

Hotel Paris, Mulackstraße 28, 10119 Berlin


Anti Matter — Dubious Machine Collective — London — 2019

Cave Pimlico, 81 Tachbrook St, Lillington and Longmoore Gardens, London SW1V 2QP

Show One — Central Saint Martins — London — 2019 

1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, N1C 4AA

Awarded the CSM Cass Art Prize


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