Czech Republic

Promoting international artistic exchanges and sustainable development in Greece

Phoenix Athens is a non-profit gallery and residency space in Athens Greece that was started in November 2017. The Residency program, Villa Exarcheia hosts up to seven artists. The duration for residencies is typically between one and two months long. 

A gallery program offers two spaces for exhibitions, allowing residents and locals to share their views about art and engage with the community.
Phoenix Athens seeks to provide an inclusive and democratic model for the arts that might serve as a bridge between generations as well as communities of individuals. The project is guided by the belief that the challenges to be found in Greece present an exciting challenge and therefore as well, an opportunity for problem-solving, learning and growth.

Mentorship and guidance is provided to residents and invaluable networking opportunities are made available through the public programme. Artists in residence are asked to provide a talk or a workshop and exhibit their work in order to connect with and inspire the local community. 

We realise its hard enough existence for an artist to survive within the city but even harder than that is finding the time and money to escape. As part of our efforts to give artists more opportunities, we offer 4 artists a residency in a lakeside house in the rural Czech Republic one hour drive from Prague. This amazing opportunity will be a retreat from city life for the artists. The house has no wifi and the people will not speak English. There are no set goals in this residency, the artists can make what they want from it. We will discuss prior to going what we want to achieve during the residency.  To help fund DMC and this residency we do ask for a small donation but this is NOT compulsory. The artists are expected to pay for their own flights and food but accommodation and a car will be provided. 

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