The Artist Business Tool Subscription

Organizing your career as an artist can be overwhelming when it comes to selling, getting your works into exhibitions, or networking.

If you do not have an art gallery to do this work for you, you need to be your own gallery.

The Artist Business Tool Subscription helps you with sales and network research. The goal is to help you contact people from the art world (advisors, collectors, designers, curators), in order to sell your works, or to exhibit your works.

The subscription gives you access to a private Facebook Group where you will find dedicated support, and where members discuss business matters, sales, and networking.

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If you want to get as much as possible from this subscription, try to dedicate half an hour a day to put into action the plan I set out in the weekly email.

You do not need to have organized all your archives before starting, but do have a portfolio ready.

Your portfolio should be composed of:

Part I - An artist statement (10 lines)
Part II - 10 recent works
Part III - Your CV which should include recent exhibitions

Have two versions of the pdf:

  • One with prices, to address to advisors, collectors, designers.

  • One without prices, to send to curators.

Once you have your portfolio ready with the above elements, in the form of a PDF document, you are all ready to go.

For more information or any general inquiries, please email: dubious.machine@gmail.com

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