The Dubious Machine Collective is a platform for emerging, early career artists, highlighting boundary-breaking contemporary art. Through building networks between artists and their peers, we hope to ease the transition between completing education to gallery representation. By eliminating costs such as renting exhibition spaces, private views and advertising, we allow our artists to create, while we focus on how best to gain exposure to their practice. Each show we curate is a 50/50 split of artists represented by the Dubious Machine Collective and external artists, further expanding our ever-growing network of artists, collectors and exhibition spaces. We not only provide the artist with exhibitions but also facilitate communal activities, artist cinema screenings, residencies, performances, murals, zines, and online publishing opportunities.


The Dubious Machine is a network, a platform, a facilitator for contemporary thinking and much, much more. Founded in early 2019, by Jocelyn Aldaz, Jacob Currid, Tara Garigue and Jonah Fried, we've began to leave a progressively expanding imprint in our birthplace of London, England. With three of our founders (Aldaz, Garigue and Fried) currently studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London and Parsons School of Design, New York, we realised the gap in education when it came to running exhibitions and actively seeking exposure for the practice of young artists. This is where the Dubious Machine enter the frame. We give our represented artists, as well as the external artists featured in our shows, the best opportunity for success, through providing free exhibition spaces, alongside reduced commissions and the sale of signed prints on our website - all of which is designed to put money in the artist’s pocket while increasing their exposure. One recurring issue regarding the end of year shows, degree shows and general college shows, is that the same people exhibit their work and the same people turn up to view it - whether it be your peers on the same course or friends of those exhibiting. Dubious Machine Collective wants to change this, hence why our represented artists and external artists vary in terms of where they study and where they are based throughout the country, this allows us to create mutually beneficial relationships for all those involved.

For more information or any general inquiries, please email: dubious.machine@gmail.com

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