SD Art Consulting is an international contemporary art platform for artists based entirely online. We provide administrative support that you can dictate by setting out goals, that we can achieve on your behalf, leaving more time for your art production. By using our services, your work can be seen by our network of curators, collectors, venues and galleries. With the opportunity of being chosen to be included in our selective database of up and coming artists with opportunities to collaborate on projects in ambitious and experimental settings. For a fixed £25 per hour fee, our services include expertise on social media marketing, website design, portfolio design, business strategy and administration. 


Art should be accessible to everyone and appreciated on a daily basis. We see empty walls in exclusive prestigious restaurants, five star hotels or other fantastic venues, which could be filled with the artwork of up and coming talented artists. SD Art Consulting also provides a platform where venues can find art which aligns with their décor and client demographic. Venues also have the potential to monetize their space by selling art to their clients which can themed to your choosing. 

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